About Zero to 55 - The Book

Jon Richards endured a childhood of tragic heartache, rejection, humiliation, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse. His life into his twenties was on a fast track to destruction. But when God sovereignly revealed himself to John, he responded by surrendering his broken life from which God has created a masterpiece of beauty. Embraced by God’s unconditional love, Jon is a better, not bitter, person. The trials that tore his heart apart are the tools God used as a catalyst to transform him into the man he is today. 

When God brought a dilapidated rusty ‘55 Chevy into Jon’s life, he never realized that God intended to use it as a metaphor. As Jon continued the process of restoring this classic car, God continued the process of restoring His abundant life to Jon. 

The rebuilt bright yellow Chevy and Jon’s restored life are now beautiful sights to behold. Yet during their restoration processes, both the car and Jon had to be stripped bare before the restoration could begin. 

 After embracing and walking with his Savior through the darkest seasons, Jon emerged victorious and now helps others find victory.

Now a highly successful salon owner and award winning stylist, Jon is a genuinely happy and humble man, filled with God’s love, compassion, and miracle working power to set captives free.