How it all began....

Returning from a 10-city hair styling tour, squashed between two snoring gentlemen, I thought of my mother who had just passed away. Pondering how my dysfunctional life being raised in the ghetto had morphed into a jet set life with a million dollar European productions tour on the horizon, I felt confused. I should be happy! I thought. But I wasn’t happy. I should be fulfilled! But I wasn’t fulfilled. I felt empty. Depleted. Broken. Is this all there is in life? I asked God in my heart. On September 25, 2009, I wrote in my journal. Father, take me on the ride of a lifetime. I want to ride Your wave. I don't want to be average anymore. Please use me. You likely only use a select few, but please, Lord, let me be one of the few. God heard my prayer and responded with supernatural intervention through a classic car. Bringing a forgotten ‘55 Chevy that had been hidden and forgotten in overgrown brush, God brought a living demonstration of the restoration He was about to do in my life. Using my life as a metaphor for the ’55 Chevy, He demonstrated the reality of the barrenness of life without Him, yet the abundant life available by living with Him. Just as I had asked, it’s been the ride of a lifetime! God’s unconditional love found Jon in his deepest and darkest pain and suffering so He could heal and restore him. God will find you too as He wants to heal and restore you. Wherever you might be right now, God is in passionate pursuit of you, regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve done. He will meet you in the midst of pain and suffering and will love and restore you as He did for Jon and countless others.

“God is in passionate pursuit of you.”

God continues to use Jon as a tool to bring miraculous healing and restoration to clients in his salon chair at Jon Richard’s Salon in downtown Minneapolis. Take a chair, come along on Jon’s journey of a lifetime. You, like Jon, will never be the same again.