About Jon

Born number thirteen of sixteen siblings and raised in a rough Minneapolis area ghetto, Jon Richards’ life was headed on a fast track to destruction. After being gripped by fear, heartache, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, humiliation, and lack of confidence, God offered Jon an opportunity to transform his life from victim to victor. Instead of focusing on the painful losses he had encountered, God’s grace enabled Jon to see the vast opportunities before him. God’s faithfulness not only helped Jon triumph over the enemy of his soul, He also powerfully equipped him to help others conquer and find victory in the lives.

God has given Jon the gift of opportunity as He brings people to his hair salon. Customers arrive at Jon Richards Salon for a haircut or style, but leave with a newly restored life, healed by the God of miracles who demonstrates His unfailing love and miracle working power.

God’s genuine compassion and amazing grace flows through Jon as he meets stragglers, prostitutes, strippers, chemo girls, housewives, executives, and those suffering from various physical sicknesses. Miracles of physical and emotional healing are taking place and it appears that God is just getting warmed up!

Now an internationally known hair designer and recipient of the “Master of the Craft” award, Jon has owned and operated Jon Richards Salon in the heart of downtown Minneapolis for over thirty-three years. He and his wife Lanette have been married for thirty years and have two adopted children.